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Detail of the cabinet not going wall to wall.  The counter
top side overhang compliments the offset of the bun
Niche Elevation
Smaller paintings used on back wall to add
depth to room.  More of the metal.
The clients wanted to use modern
materials while complimenting the
French County architecture of the
home.  This was achieved by using
glass tile that tied into the vessel sink
perfectly.  The rest of walls were done
in venetian plaster the matched the
grout while the ceiling was painted a
metallic chrome to accent the metal
used in the room.  The other challenge
was the make the 8' ceiling feel taller.  
This was accomplished by using a
thin mirror and not having the base
cabinet or counter top go wall to wall.  
This also allowed the tile to go from
ceiling to the floor.   The neutral warm
color palate was chosen to  make the
art be more of focal feature.
Note the circular bun feet ties into the beading detail of
the cabinet that was selected to tie in the round vessel
Detail of metal selection (mirror frame, faucet, &
soap dispenser) and placement of art work.  
"man in the mirror"
All walls used to bring focus to the paintings.
Concept: "Modern in Tradition"
Paintings placed at angle to accent the architectural details of
the ceiling and back wall while forcing the perspective.
Cad detail of sink niche