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The office area needed to be used by two people, storage and display areas used to be an
issue.  Flooring , cabinets, wainscoting, and crown molding were used to bring the traditional
element.  The wainscoting panels are made of a crocodile white print that compliments the chairs.
"Traditional Black & White"
Left side of desk area, black lacquer book shelves are
cavaliered are used to add height to the room and balance the
built ins on the opposite wall.  
Office area is a converted bedroom.  The mirrored closets doors were left
for resale reasons.
The wall of built-ins are on the opposite wall of black shelves.  The tall
pantries and drawers below the TV add much needed office storage
Floors and cabinets for the desk are in a similar color to add
Close up picture of the actual desk.
Mirror was selected and placed to mimic the lines of the shelves, and the molding.
(714) 616-1920