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The living and dining area are in the same space so the red accent color is important to define each
areas function while making it feel unified.  The home was already furnished with a lot of antiques so I
selected more clean line transitional pieces to have the space be more eclectic.   The walls are done in
a faux suede finish that matches the ultra suede window treatments.
Concept: "Red Transition"
Space planning was a big concern for the open floor plan.  The living area is
defined by the rug, lighting fixture, and the seating arrangement.
The dining area shows more of the accent red color with a round chandelier.
The hutch is filled with a collection of crystal that give it a more updated use.  
The bulbs and the round shape of the lighting fixture accents
the areas bay window.  
A floor prospective of the open floor plan.
The dining area and the living space are centered on one
another, this was achieved by the lighting placement.