To create rooms that are works of art by
incorporating the clients desires and
needs while adding the necessary
creative elements.  I emphasize the use of
natural materials  while applying the most
current products, styles, and technology to
a project.

Please take time to explore my website.  
See links of
Before and After pictures as
well as examples of design
I will develop for each client.  The
Pictures are rooms that are meant to be
more eclectic and comfortable.  

There are many more areas of design
that I focus on including universal design
and  NKBA  guidelines.  If you have any
questions please feel free to contact me.  
Our Relationship

One of the most exciting aspects of the
design process for me is the interaction I
have with the client.  It is the basis of our
relationship that releases my passion for
creating unique designs that both inspire
and excite you
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Rendering Of Area Prior
Picture Of Finished Area